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That time of year is here once again, when the sun starts to shine, the earth begins to warm and the perfect camping weekend is just 5 days away. 

Mini Van Rentals

If there is one things us Brits love, its sunshine, BBQ’s and camping! In fact its estimated that around 1.2 million of us take regular trips back to the wild to feel the soil between our toes. Some might say its the perfect way to unwind and reconnect with the important things in life after a stressful, heavy week of work. After all what better way to spend your time than being surrounded by friends and family, enjoying the great British countryside, getting exercise and eating hearty camp grub.

But it doesn’t come without it’s issues, living the modern life doesn’t always make for an easy camping commute as many of us have found. Telling a family of four that we can really only take the essentials with us doesn’t always communicate as easy as you’d like. What’s essential to your 8 year old son is by no means essential your 15 year old daughter. Somehow that never ending treasure trove that is a dads car boot just doesn’t cut it for a comfortable, safe, relaxing long drive out of town and into the hills.

Hearing horror stories of driving 60 miles through traffic to find that perfect camping spot only to realise that with the culling of essential items…you forgot the air bed. But that’s where it can all change by thinking one step ahead.

mini van rentals

Mini Van Rentals are the perfect way the enhance your camping trip and take it to an all new high. It’s something that a lot of people put to the back of their mind and don’t realise how much of an integral part of your trip this actually is. With a  mini van rental you have all the luxuries of owning a mini van without the yearly costs, and with deals like Stan Hire can provide it’s practically stealing one for the weekend!

Having that extra space allows you to pack for every event the British weather might throw at you. Pack extra items of every clothing, so the next time your son decides to play walk the plank over the lake he isn’t running out of clothes a day early while his dry others dry on the make shift washing line. Stock up on supplies before heading out and know you have somewhere spacious, clean and safe to leave your water, foods and coolers.

A family of 4 should be able to comfortably transport  bicycles, footballs,  fishing equipment or maybe even a canoe! Never hear the words “I’m bored” again by providing your family with everything they need to enjoy what’s around them.

mini van rentals

How about reliving those festivals moments and taking a few added luxuries with you to bring comfort and style to your portable temporary home. Having the extra space for cushions, throws, bean bags, blankets, solar lamps and candles means you can relax the way you deserve. Break out your acoustic guitar and bongo set and sing into the valley as the sun sets!

The bottom line is not only do you improve your commute to and back from your destination,  the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. With the extra seats, the extra space and the open road there really is nothing you can’t do.

If you would like more details about hiring a mini van from Stan, check our Useful Info page, or feel free to get in touch either by email ( or by phone on 01772 700 595.
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