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Are you finding yourself wanting to wear shorts, but take an umbrella with you wherever you go? It can only mean one thing – Spring in the North. Spring is a season of rejuvenation, flowers, lambs….and spring cleaning! It’s something most people do, and a great British tradition. So, find the ladder and give the loft the clear out you’ve been promising, or really get in and do a deep clean of the bedrooms now that the kids are back in school. It’s a fantastic feeling and you’ll be glad you’ve done it afterwards.

Spring Cleaning Catroon

A proper spring clear out usually ends up in the same way – a trip to the tip with more bin bags of rubbish than you thought there was stuff at all in the spare room, and at least one charity shop run with all those books you promised you’d get rid of before Christmas. More stuff than will fit in the car at least, and who wants to take a load of rubbish to the dump in their nice, clean, motor anyway?

So, you hire a self-drive van from Stan. Sadly, it’s not as simple as just loading the bags into the van and heading down to the nearest recycling centre. Lancashire Council, like many in the UK, require you to have a permit to take a van the tip/recycling facilities. Not to worry though – it’s a relatively simple process and we’ve noted the key points here.

First of all, check their criteria on when a permit is necessary:

  • If you will be recycling inert waste (find out what counts as inert waste)
  • If you’re a car towing a twin axle trailer
  • If you’re driving any kind of van or pickup

As the majority of people will be hiring a van for their tip trips, it’s more common to need a permit than not. Start the process by visiting the council’s online services website here. If you’ve used this before you’ll need to log in, and if you’re new to the Council’s online services you’ll need to register. Input your details and click the link in the registration email they send you. They’ll also give you a security code, which you will need for some of their other online services, but not for this. After making a note of the code, you’ll be able to log in.

Click ‘services’ in the sidebar menu, and look down the list for ‘waste permits’. You’ll then be able to complete their standard application process. It starts off by giving you some Ts and Cs, which we recommend you take a look through to make sure you’re doing things by the book. A key point to note is that they don’t accept business or trade waste at these sites, so you can’t use it as an alternative to proper business waste disposal.

The application process will ask you if you’re using a hire vehicle – if you’re renting one of Stan’s vans for your tip visit, you’ll need to click ‘yes’. They’ll then give you some more details on what they allow:

  • Only household waste produced at your own home – no trade or commercial waste (they really want to get this point across!)
  • All vehicles must be standard 4 wheeled vehicles
  • Vehicles must not have a tipping mechanism (regardless of whether or not you intend to use it)
  • You must take the hire and permit documents with you

The application goes on to take more details, including a description of what waste you’ll be taking – the form asks you to be as specific as possible but don’t worry too much about this. As long as you note any large items such as furniture, you shouldn’t have a problem with taking a few extra bin bags on the day.

The council are quite generous and though you will need to select a month for the permit, you will be able to use it across a five-month period – the 2 months before and the 2 after the month you select. Very handily, they will save all these details you input for you to make future applications quickly and easily.

After you complete the application process, the council will post it out within two days by 2nd class post. They say to allow 7 days for the permit to arrive, but we find it rarely takes more than 4 or 5.

It really is that simple, and since you can hire a van online from Stan for as little as £34 per day, you really can’t put off that spring clean any longer!

If you need any more details about hiring a van from Stan, check our Useful Info page, or feel free to get in touch either by email ( or by phone on 01772 700 595.
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