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After a recent announcement by the Highways Agency of plans to restrict speeds on part of the M1, drivers are being warned 60mph limits could later be imposed on ALL motorways in an effort to reduce pollution.

In an attempt to tackle pollution a planned 34-mile section of the motorway will see reduced speed limits, something the Highways Agency have indicated may be repeated in other areas where emissions are high.

A 34 mile section of the M1, between junction 28 at Matlock and 35a for Sheffield will see a reduced speed limit of 60mph between 7am and 7pm, 7 days a week.   Critics say that this will increase journey times when the motorway is relatively quiet at the weekends.

The reduction in speed is part of the government’s plan to meet the European Union Clean Air target.

The proposed speed reductions are currently in a consultation period and any thoughts are welcomed by the Highways Agency before 3rd March 2014.